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It all started with a 9-year-old and a Sears Special Yamaha acoustic guitar.

When Chandler’s parents decided that he and his brothers should each learn an instrument; guitar immediately came to his mind (Possibly from listening to “Summer of ’69” on repeat). After a year of meticulously plucking away, his parents gifted him with his first electric- igniting a passion for rock music.

Chandler has entered many contests, some of which include: Rock The River Acoustic Guitar Battle, St John’s Music Great Canadian Garage Band, and Loud Lunch. After experiencing inconsistent success and a slight lack of direction, Chandler decided it was time to create an album.

It was one year of intensive writing and recording (compiling the musical ideas over 5 years) to create Debut – EP. He is proud of his 4 songs and hopes to record more in the near future.

Chandler has played guitar for almost a decade. He has only seriously started developing his vocals in the last couple years.

Chandler is currently involved with worship at Calgary Christian School and First Alliance Church Calgary. He also plays bass for punk rock worship band He Never Sleeps, and Calgary rapper The Blue.

Chandler currently attends The University of British Columbia and is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. In the meantime, Chandler has been connecting with different people to potentially form a new band.

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