Scratch Rec. Weekend

Although I was busy most all the time this weekend, it was great to chill out and play guitar.

Was able to get some rough recording done at home- looking forward to showing you guys some new things hopefully coming out this summer!

That is all!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.00.07 PM

Scratch recording this weekend

Pep Rally Reflection Thing

Hey Guys,

Wow! What a week. Probably the worst week for me ever as far as school is concerned, not even exaggerating. A two part final exam and 3 other tests. Guess that means my school life before was pretty simplistic?

Anyways, just wanted to thank you guys at CCS for what a privilege it was to play for you! Love supporting the school teams and senior projects. Looking forward to possibly seeing some of you at summer camps and such.

I will probably be working to perfect that “Godzilla” noise I had going at the start…


What an insane weekend!

I was planning to just stay home and catch up on homework- after all of the other busy weeks.
On Saturday morning though, I was asked to play church only about an hour and 15 min before rehearsal. I was able to shove some food down my throat, pack up, and leave. Unfortunately, since I live ~30 min away, I still showed up 10 min late. Not to mention setting up, which pushed my punctuality out further.
I guess there should have been some grace, after being asked only an hour and 15 before.
The life of the musician though :P.